Tuesday 1 October 2019

DIY plastic free cleaning products

Elsa has helped us remove all our single use plastic cleaning products front of house to our own

DIY ones! Here’s how:

Cleaning products; we have all of them, tonnes of them; sink cleaner, floor cleaner, glass spray, all purpose, disposable wipes, you name it! We have been commercially convinced we need a different product for every room, every surface and every dirty problem. I’ve started to question whether all these products are actually necessary, or are they another way we are contributing to the increasing issue of single use plastic waste. I wanted to make a change at the deli. I noticed the cupboards were filled with commercial cleaning products! This needed to change, and with a little research realised that it was incredibly easy to do. I sat down, listened to some fascinating ted talks and read some Pinterest articles (my favourite place for lifestyle inspiration) and saw how easy the recipes were!

The first step was to establish what was essential for the day to day running of the deli; so we could not only make our own products but reduce the total amount necessary. We needed an all-purpose cleaner to keep all the surfaces and tables clean, as well as a glass spray for our display fridges and finally a washing up liquid that could be doubled as a hand wash.

We needed these simple ingredients:

- Lemon juice
- Baking soda
- White distilled vinegar
- Castile soap (bar form) – Dr. Bronner’s are fantastic!
- Essential oils (optional)

When you buy the initial products, you may come face to face with plastic, try to buy in bulk and preferably from an independent shop as opposed to ordering from amazon as often you will receive your goods covered in bubble wrap.

All purpose cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner can be used on pretty much everything. We use it to clean our counters and tables, walls and cupboards. Since it’s made with white vinegar, it’s also great for removing water marks off stainless steel; around the sink for example.

- A glass spray bottle
- White Vinegar (half)
- Half the juice of a lemon
- Water (half)
- Essential oil (15 drops)

Simply add all ingredients to a bottle, shake up and its ready for use!

General Dish Washing + hand wash

- A glass bottle with pump
- Grated Castile Soap (3 tablespoons)
- Water (2 cups)
- Essential Oils (15 drops)

It takes a bit of getting used to as there won’t be as many bubbles.

Glass spray

- A glass bottle with spray head
- White distilled vinegar
- Water
- Add all ingredients to a bottle shake and its ready to use!

For tough limescale around sinks simply soak a rag in lemon juice, wrap around the area leave for half an hour and wipe clean.

Other utensils I recommend going alongside your homemade sprays:

Bamboo dish brush
Reusable rags
Bamboo fibre clothes
Old cut up t-shirts
Coconut husk scrubbers

Good luck making your own plastic free cleaning products!

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