Beginners Soy Candle Making Kit

This Unscented Candle Making kit was developed because we all love candles but imagine relaxing with the flame flickering on a candle which you have hand poured and mixed yourself. I can’t even explain the sense of achievement I felt when I lit my first candle which is why I wish to share the magic with you in this easy to use home candle making kit.

Whether you wish to give the candle kit as a gift, whether you gift the finished scented candles or you decide to keep them for yourself to give you a lift during these tricky times… I know you will fall in love with candle making just as I have.

This soy candle making kit contains all of the supplies you need to create your own beautiful candle. I’ve poured hours of research into this easy do-it-yourself kit with simply follow instructions that will make you feel like a candle making pro!

There is enough supply to create two amber glass candles (one 120ml and one 60ml) .

This larger candle making kits comes with a glass melting jar that you can either pop in the microwave or sit in a shallow pan of boiling water. You can then reuse this jar allowing you more time to enjoy your candle and less clean up when using your own tools.

You can also choose to decorate your candle with dried lavender buds or other botanicals by allowing the wax to cool slightly and adding them to the top of the candle.

Use them for decoration, calming, uplifting, mediation and mindfulness. The therapeutic benefits of candles are endless. From spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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Complete with pre-filled jar that contains microwaveable soy wax

Choose to use your own container or select from our selection of candle container which we can send you.

We include 2 wicks and two wick stickers for you to prepare your container

We also include full instructions on how to create your candle and to add your scent if you have chosen one.