A spotlight on our suppliers

We are very proud of the brands and products that we stock and use in the deli, and choose every product carefully, making sure that all the brands are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We always test them out ourselves to make sure that we love using them and can give you all hints and tips of how they best work! Over the past year we have become more aware of businesses being accredited as B Corporations; and we have tried to stock as many that are suited to our offer; these include: Jude's icecream, Rubies in the Rubble Chutney, Who Gives a Crap loo roll, Dame Tampons, Minor Figures Oat M*lk and Beeswax Wraps. We're also really proud that our friends at Studio Republic in Winchester who we've worked with received their accreditation this year.

About B-Corps

For a business to be certified as a B corp they have to complete an assessment and comply with legal requirements, demonstrating complete transparency across their whole business, employees and supply chain; measuring their entire social and environmental performance.  For us at the deli it gives us confidence in the knowledge that these businesses truly are working for the greater good of the planet, and can demonstrate that to you our customers!  We love that it is also building a community of businesses connecting and working together through their passion for the planet rather than just profitability growth. 
The list is growing, you can read all about B Corps here and see if you recognise any of the brands you consume or work with. We would love to become certified ourselves in the future!