It's B Corp Month! How Shopping B Corp Helps You Stay Sustainable

It's B Corp Month! How Shopping B Corp Helps You Stay Sustainable

March 17, 2023

It’s BCorp Month!

This year's theme is ‘Make business a force for good’, and is a good opportunity for us to continue raising awareness of what Certified B Corporations actually means. 

Any company can apply to gain certification, in which they are verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental transparency, and accountability.  It’s an extremely detailed process looking into all aspects of their business, which results in a point based system for approval.  The common goal is shaped around building communities, not just focusing on profits.

There are now over 6,000 companies accredited in 89 countries across a huge range of sectors. 

What does it mean for us at the deli?

We’re not going to lie - it is an absolute minefield out there when it comes to finding new brands to sell in our eco store. We take a long time to decide whether it is the right fit, from the packaging, ingredients, supply chain, values, and employee well-being. Everything is not always going to be perfect, and sometimes we make a compromise because we believe the product is the best option when we consider everything. The Bcorp certification provides us with a stamp of approval, we feel confident that the company has gone through quite a rigorous process. So for us, it means we can make better purchasing decisions and know that our values are also aligned with the brands.

Which brands in the deli are BCorp Certified?

In Our Kitchen 

Essential is certified B Corp and is our main wholesaler! Where possible we buy all of our nuts, grains, pulses, and baking dried goods in 25kg bags, meaning we reduce our packaging and have to buy less often.

On Our Shelves

Since our refurb last year we’ve been expanding our range, bringing inspiring everyday products that are steeped in sustainable values. Our B Corp products include:

  • Bambu Kitchen Utensils
  • Who Gives a Crap loo roll and kitchen towel
  • Pentire Alcohol Free Gin
  • Rubies In The Rubble Chutneys
  • Steenbergs dried herbs + spices
  • Talking tables plastic free party decorations
  • Nojo Cooking Sauces
  • Love Raw Chocolate

 Next time you’re in - browse the labels to see the BCorp stamp!

For Our Coffee

Both Minor Figures and Rude Health, which we use for our alternative milk options are certified. We love that they all still give an great tasting coffee. All we need now is for a better Tetra Pak recycling facility in the UK! Did you know that there is only one in the whole of England!

In Our Drinks Fridge

Our drinks fridge is bursting with flavour, but it's also bursting with B Corp brands! These include: 

  • Flawsome Juices
  • Momo Kombucha
  • The Uncommon Wine
  • Noughty Alcohol Free Wine (for an afternoon tipple)

When you're next in, keep your eye out for the B Corp sticker in and around the Deli!

Who else can you find in Winchester that are B Corp?

A big shoutout to the other businesses in Winchester that are the repping the B Corp badge. These include:

  • The Body Shop
  • Jojo Maman Bebe
  • Cook
  • Studio Republic; creative studio agency
  • Lainston House
  • Kid; consultancy firm