The Bottled Baking Co


 🐒 0 palm oil, 0 habitat loss

♻️100% Reusable glass bottle

✋ Handmade in Yorkshire

🌳 Buying a bottle plants a tree


Bottled Baking Co are not only passionate about simple home baking, they are also very conscious about the environment.

All of the mixes are contained in reusable glass bottles, meaning that they don't just look fabulous, they can be reused or up-cycled forever! Their production facility is powered by the sun and we capture and reuse rainwater too!

Simply add the wet ingredients to the colourful layers of the Bottled Baking Co's bottle, to enjoy perfectly baked goodies straight from your own kitchen. Quantities of wet ingredients (eggs, milk, oil) may vary depending on each jar recipe. Check out the How To Make guides if you've lost your label!