Bunny Cupcake Kit

This Easter Bunny Cupcake Kit is ideal for budding chefs. The kit includes 24 gingham cupcake cases and 24 adorable bunny toppers to decorate with. We’ve popped one of our favourite, easy to follow cupcake recipes on the back of the box, but of course you can branch out and try your own.

12 x yellow gingham cupcake cases
12 x green gingham cupcake cases
24 x grey bunny toppers

Why we love this ‘Easter Bunny Cupcake Kit’:
Easter isn’t complete without baking some tempting treats. This kit is great for building your child’s confidence in the kitchen and the cupcakes make a brilliant (and more thoughtful) gift for family and friends, in place of chocolate eggs.

Bunny toppers: widely recycled
Cupcake cases (after use): general waste
Packaging: widely recycled