Football Napkins

It's hungry work cheering on your team, so let these napkins do the job of helping you serve the hotdogs and keep your fingers clean once you’ve eaten your pies. Dab your eyes with these football napkins when the national anthem nostalgia hits and yourself up when the thrills of the game turns into spills.

Instead of using plastic packaging, we have include an extra napkin at the front of pack to keep the rest clean.

As seen in Metro, "Having people round for a match but don't fancy washing up afterwards? Go for disposables that can be recycled, such as the paper cups and napkins from Talking Tables."

Napkin size: 33cm x 33cm when unfolded
Pack size: 20 Paper Napkins + 1 Extra

Why we love these 'Recyclable Football Napkins':
With a dazzling football boot design, these disposable napkins make the perfect addition to any football birthday party, post match meal or communal watch and because they’re fully recyclable, with no plastic packaging, they might just have you singing another round of Football’s Coming Home.

How to dispose of these 'Recyclable Football Napkins’:
We are dedicated to being a champion of eco-friendly party supplies with all products in this range being plastic free and recyclable. Once you’ve cleaned out the crisps and wiped those crumby fingers, simply throw these disposable napkins into the home recycling bin. Bonus points if you can do it from across the room.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled