The Vegan Gardener


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Here is a mindful, gentle yet powerful way of gardening that is in harmony with nature. Our natural world is undergoing profound change, and our ecology and climate are in crisis. Our gardens, whatever their size, are where we can take practical action. Our garden (or backyard) is a living, dynamic ecosystem in its own right, and wildlife, in all its guises, is crucial to creating a healthy ecological balance. The book goes beyond organic gardening, avoiding even indirect use of animal-based and plastic products. * Reduce your gardening footprint. * Learn how to use local, renewable resources wisely to develop a self-sufficient ‘closed loop’ garden. * How to make garden compost and leaf mould, and harness the power of home-grown green wood chips to inject vibrant life into your soil. * Over 750 photographs, detailed gardening plans, and illustrations to guide and inspire.