June 25, 2020



A classic Italian summer salad featuring our tomatoes from West Sussex; perfect to use up left over bread that deliciously soaks up the juicy garlic and lemon olive oil dressing.

Ingredients for 4 as a side salad

1kg tomatoes - we have a great selection of colourful locally grown tomatoes

4 slices of stale bread - the staler the better

25g olives, halved. Black olives are preferable

10g capers

Handful basil 

10 tbsp olive oil

100g rocket

½ clove garlic, roughly chopped

Juice of 1 lemon


  1. Turn oven on to 180 degrees
  2. Tear bread into small rough chunks and drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. Heat in the oven for 15 minutes until toasted
  3. Slice the tomatoes into rough mouthsize chunks and place in a bowl together with the olives and capers.
  4. Finely slice the basil and add into the tomatoes together with the lemon juice, 5tbsp olive oil, garlic and rocket
  5. Toss together and season to taste.

Did you know that we throw away almost 24 million slices of bread every single day just in the UK! This is a brilliant way to use up that last bit at the bottom of your bread bin, with very few ingredients to have on the side with your BBQ or as a light lunch.

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