It's Compost Week!

It's Compost Week!

March 18, 2021

This week is #CompostWeekUK - a campaign which celebrates the benefits of composting and encourages all of us to be 'rotters!' We thought it a good opportunity to highlight some of the processes we have in place.  

At the deli, we pay for Veolia to come once a week to pick up our food waste, coffee grinds and any packaging.  Our aim is for our kitchen to be a zero waste kitchen, which it is very close to; with only around 5% of our waste currently going to landfill.  We try as much as possible to use like minded suppliers, eliminating as little packaging as possible. 

We choose to use Vegware for all our takeaway cups and packaging; it's made by plants and therefore can be composted.  This includes our granola bags, dip pots and all of the deli goodies that are individually wrapped.  Although it can be composted at home, it is better to be commercially composted, and we therefore encourage anyone to bring back their packaging, we'd happily take it. 

Please always feel free to ask us any questions about what we do, all of us are very passionate about it!